Department of Commerce


To be a centre for excellence in the areas of commerce & Finance.


To meet the challenges of a complex and modern society.

To impart training in entrepreneurial and life skills for enhancing employability.

To provide a platform to actualize student’s talents and encourage them to mould their passion into a profession.

To enable them to prepare for life long learning by nurturing independent thinking.

Studies with contemporary industry developments and applications.

Making core competencies socially and environmentally beneficial.


To motivate achievement of excellence in every field of life.

To provide quality education in the field of commerce.

To enable the development of total personality through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

To provide Internship facility.

Stimulating critical and creative thinking.

Develop organizational and leadership skills.

Fostering confidence, motivation and vision.

To provide value added and certificate courses.

We prepare the youth for life by promoting intellectual excellence, uprightness of character, emotional maturity, scientific temper, healthy competition, co-operation and sportsmanship through co-curricular activities, moral sensitivity to the needs and rights of others specially the most vulnerable, religious tolerance and national integration. To achieve this along with academic excellence we focus our attention on the following.
� Spiritual Dimension
� Person oriented approach
� Social or other relatedness
� Environmental responsibility
� Professional or work orientation
� National or Citizen related strategies
� International understanding and Universal brotherhood